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Come to win. write code. found your company. build awesome products. have fun.

1,000 confirmed developers and designers will join us the weekend before LAUNCH Festival, competing for up to $1m in investment. 250 teams of four will spend 48 hours creating a company, with the top seven making it to the main stage of the LAUNCH Festival on Friday where they will be given two minutes to show their creations before a grilling from our judges! The Grand Jury will select the top four projects and invite them to the LAUNCH Incubator -- which comes with a $250,000 investment (for ~7% of the company).  



Teams of 1-4 can apply to attend the event. All applicants within a team will be reviewed and vetted as developers or designers before they are able to attend the event.

Come with ideas not completed code. All projects must be built from scratch at the event.